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Mysterium Location Deadline Extension

The Mysterium committee has decided to move the deadline for bids for locations for Mysterium 2008 until Feb 14, 2008 in order to solicit any extra bids from community members to ’sponsor’ a location. The location must be in the Eastern Standard Timezone, and this person would act as the local person to act as a point of contact, during which time they would join the committee. For full information, see the link to the announcement on the Mysterium website.

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Explorer BladeLakem
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New Lara Documents Released

Explorer Blade Lakem has discovered a number of D'ni games described in Lara document 009.

belford has returned to the project again with the following restoration, Lara 008.001. This document is an illuminated map.

Lara document 007.001 comes to use through the capable hands of turjan. The document is a musical score, which turjan has deciphered.

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afbeelding van Szark

New Restoration Project Town Hall

I will be holding a Town Hall meeting this Thursday, February 14th at 14:00 KI time (2pm KI time, 3pm Central, 4pm Eastern). At that meeting I will be releasing three new Restoration Projects. I hope to see many of you there.

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Explorer Vincent Kingsley
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Mystralia Dates Announced

The dates and location of Mystralia, the Myst fan gathering in Australia, are as follows: Location: Canberra Dates Saturday 5th - Sunday 6th July Further details can be found at www.mystralia.com. Questions, and ideas can be submitted at the forums at that location, or can be forwarded directly to Ghola, the chief organiser for the event.

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Explorer Narym
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New! Lara Document 008.001

The Newest Lara Document has been released! This document is an illuminated map. Check it out!

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